Heart and Kidney Transplants

If you have a new organ transplant, you are probably wondering if your diet will differ from the one you followed before your transplant. You can get help in planning your diet after transplant from Ingrid Schloss, who will assist you every step of the way.

During the Transplant Evaluation, you and your caretakers will meet with Ingrid. She will evaluate your nutritional health and gather information about your weight, fluid retention, muscle stores, and diet. She will also prescribe a food plan that is individualized for your needs. You will be provided written materials and goals.

While Waiting on the Transplant List, It is important to maintain a good nutritional status. Ingrid is available to answer your questions about your diet or nutrition. You may be instructed to drink special nutrition supplements, which she can recommend.

After Transplant Surgery, Ingrid will see you in the Intensive Care Unit. Your nutrition needs change after the transplant and she will be there to help implement that plan according to your needs. You may require a feeding tube after the transplant to feed you if you are unable to eat right away.

Once you can begin eating after transplant, Ingrid will monitor how well you are eating. If you are having difficulty eating, Ingrid can recommend nutritional supplements which you can drink.

Before you leave the hospital, you and your caregivers will be given specific instructions on what to eat after you are discharged in order to aid you in your recovery. It is very important to maintain optimum nutritional status once discharged, so please contact Ingrid if you have any questions or need any assistance.

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