Critically Ill/ICU

Patients in critical condition need to be monitored closely as they are at constant risk of malnutrition. Nutritional support is vital to these patients, and achieving the optimum quantity and balance of nutrients is a difficult task - both overfeeding and underfeeding patients are potentially harmful to their health and recovery, resulting in longer hospital stays and increased risk of infection.

Ingrid Schloss is particularly skilled in working with critical care patients, and is able to monitor and assess their nutritional needs through their recovery journey. She has the highly developed knowledge, skills and expertise within the field of critical care to manage the complex nutritional issues observed in these patients.

Provision of nutrition support to ICU patients is complicated, and not all patients will benefit to the same degree. Ingrid is able to identify those at nutritional risk and those who are more likely to suffer harm if underfed. She will assess and take account of the many factors influencing the nutrition support treatment plan. These factors include assessing nutritional risk, age, and the degree of inflammation, number of organ failures, comorbidities, projected length of stay and gastrointestinal function.

The benefit of nutritional support in critical care patients is astonishing. With Ingrid’s help, patients look forward to shorter hospital stays, faster recovery times and lower risk of infection.

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